Software 2

Word Processors

    Favicon Makers

    Favicon Maker (at Somacon)

    Logo Makers

    Logo Type MakerGraphic Springs

    Webcam Tools

    CameroidCool Webcam AvatarsMailVu (Video Mail)Stretch Your Face via Webcam

      Animation Makers

      AutomatoonDispaintedDo InkLoogix (Animated Gif Maker)Picasion(AnimatedGif Maker)Soda PlayStop Frame Animator (at Culture Street)Zimmer Twins (Animated Movie Maker)

        Database Creators



        Mashup Tools

        Target Map

        Password Generators


        Online Test Makers


        Group Schedule Planners

        Wiki Tools

        Hackpad, Jottit (Websites or Wikis), Wiki Spaces


        Penzu - Online Private Journal

        Web Site Creators (Free)

        Check This, Edicy, Google Sites, - Google Sites Example, Jimdo, Jottit (Websites or Wikis), Kafafa (plus free hosting), Life Yo, Moogo, Page Easy, Page O Rama, Paste HTML, Pencamp,, QuickForget (Temporary Website Creator), Sauropol, Schoolrack, Scriffon, Smore (Create Online Flyers), Snap Pages, Web Node, Webs- Webs Example, Weebly, Wix (High Quality Website Creator), Yola

        Bookmarking/Personal Start Pages

        Boonote, Chill (Create Video Playlist), Choruzzz (Create Music Playlist with no registration), Clip Board (Visual Bookmarking), Delicious, Evernote, 43 Marks, Only 2 Clicks, Page Flakes, Pearl Trees, Pin Interest, Protopage, Symbaloo, Transferr

        File Sharing/Transfer

        Bay Files (Large Files)Cl1p.netDrop Canvas (File Sharing and More)Drop Mark (File Sharing and More)Dushare (File Sharing and Live Chat)File DropperFile Jumbo (Large Files)Files Over MilesGettJust Beam ItMin.usPaste Link (Drag & Drop) Firefox/Chrome onlySendoidSenduit
        Sound Cloud (Sound File Sharing)Uploader BoxUploading ItWe Transfer (Large Files)Ypix Me (Drag & Drop Image Sharing) Firefox/Chrome only

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